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Overcome Opioid Addiction

Serving Our Community- Since 2014

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Our Program

Outpatient Recovery

Overcome Opioid Addiction is an outpatient recovery program.  The initial visit costs $275.  It consists of taking a full history and physical, and obtaining a urine drug screen. We also review information from the Texas PMP Aware to review any previous prescriptions taken from the pharmacy over the past 2 years.  From there, we can make an assessment and set up a plan.  This first appointment takes about an hour.  After the visit, a buprenorphine prescription product will be sent to the pharmacy for the patient to pick up that day. 

Once stabilized, patients come monthly for office visits.  These visits are $175 and are scheduled for about 30 minutes.  We discuss any issues that may have come up during the month.  Drug screens are done monthly at no additional cost. Abnormal or unexpected urine drug test results may be sent off for confirmation at additional cost of $75, if needed.  Drug screens are not used as a penalty, but they do help us adjust the treatment plan as needed.

Payment is due at time of service.  We do not accept insurance.  We will help fill out forms for insurance reimbursement and prior authorizations for the medications.

Call today and take that first step to recovery!  Schedule your appointment by calling (210) 660-8760.

We are located at:

303 West Sunset, Suite 102, San Antonio, Texas 78209

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Our Mission

Your Light in the Dark

Our medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to heal the individual in all aspects of his or her use disorder. At Overcome Opioid Addiction, we see the whole picture and seek to address the environmental, lifestyle, health, educational and psychological aspects of your ailment in order to help you get your life back.

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Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment
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Adolescent & Young Adult Treatment

Responsible Care

Your personal history and circumstances make your use disorder unique to you. This service is tailored for you and your disorder, and focuses on educating you and making you strong enough - in mind and body - to be well. We will be with you every step of the way, motivating you and helping you to see that you are never alone in this tough journey.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

Confidential and Comprehensive

The success in treatment requires the support of an entire community. At Overcome Opioid Addiction, we understand the heartache and pains of addiction and the strength that can be gained from successful treatment. Take advantage of this service to help in your healing process and get in touch for more information.

Prenatal Care

Collaborative Care

Pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for you and your family.  No doubt you will have questions and we are here to help!  We do our best to work with your OB and pediatrician to support you and your family during this special time in your life.

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“Happiness depends upon ourselves”


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